The scope and role of the letter of appointment

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The scope and role of the letter of appointment

The letter of appointment is the abbreviation of the book of employment. It is used to hire certain people with professional expertise or fame authority to complete a task or a letter in a certain position.

In general, the letter of appointment applies to the following situations:

Schools, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., issue letters of appointment when they need talents with special skills or professional skills. In this case, the employer often undertakes a certain task, and cannot complete the task smoothly by his own unit or the existing talent resources; or because of the development of the enterprise and the expansion of the business, it is necessary to re-employ some expertise, at work. A person who plays a major role. In short, this is a letter of appointment for professionals.

In order to increase their visibility and influence, social groups or certain important activities often employ some prestigious people to join or participate in order to better carry out activities. If you hire a celebrity as a consultant, as a guide, as a judge of a competition, etc., this is the case.

A lot of books have been used in these years, and recruitment is the main form of the current employment system, which provides a broad market for the use of employment books. The letter of appointment has played an important role in people's lives today.

(1) Strengthening the bond of collaboration

The letter of appointment has made the talents and employers well connected. When a unit undertakes a certain task, or when carrying out a certain job, in order to invite some talents that are lacking in the unit, it is necessary to use a letter of appointment. The letter of appointment not only makes the individual contact with the employer, but also strengthens the cooperation between different units so that they can communicate with each other and support each other. The letter of appointment has played an irreplaceable role.

(2) Strengthening the sense of responsibility and honor of candidates

If the applicant receives the letter of appointment, it means that he must be responsible for his position and work, and will try his best to do his job. Because the letter of appointment is issued out of great trust and respect for the employer, this invisibly strengthens the sense of responsibility of the candidate. At the same time, the employed person is often a person who has expertise in a certain aspect or can make a special contribution. Therefore, the grant of the letter of appointment promotes the exchange of talents and can fully utilize the talents of the employed person.

(3) Representing solemnity, trust and compliance