Introduction to graduation certificate and production process

The scope and role of the letter of appointment

Introduction to graduation certificate and production process

Diploma, also known as "diploma." A diploma obtained by a graduate. It shows that the certificate holder has systematically studied certain scientific and cultural knowledge at a certain level of school, which is an important basis for selecting cadres and assessing their duties. The diploma of a higher education institution is uniformly issued by the National Education Commission. Since 1985, there are two types of undergraduate diplomas in higher education: one is an ordinary diploma, and is issued to a graduate who has not obtained a bachelor's degree; the other is a certificate that is a combination of a diploma and a bachelor's degree. Graduates with a bachelor's degree. The latter also marks the academic level of the educated.

According to the form of education: academic certificate and non-degree certificate; according to the education ladder: primary education (preschool education, primary school), secondary education (secondary, high school, secondary vocational school, technical secondary school, vocational high), higher education (higher vocational, high) Specialized, specialist, undergraduate, bachelor's degree, graduate student, doctoral student).

The materials for graduation certificate are artificial leather, imitation leather, special paper, flannel and silk. The process has the processes of bronzing, heat sealing, suture, and paste.