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The glyphs of the printed body are clear and legible, and they are more commonly used in packaging. The main characters used in the printing of Chinese characters are Old Song, Black, Variety and Round Black. Different prints have different styles, which have a good effect on expressing different product characteristics. In the design of packaging and decoration, the use of rich or changeable or decorative fonts. The form of the decoration body is various, and the main forms of change are the shape change, stroke change, structure change, and image change. Effective choices should be made for different product content. In the selection of fonts in packaging design, we should pay attention to the following points: The style of the font should reflect the attributes of the basic content: the font should be recognizable and readable. In particular, the use of calligraphy should be adjusted and improved in order to avoid the incomprehension of ordinary consumers, so that it can be accepted by the public without losing its artistic flavor. Pay attention to the same font style for the same name and the same content. In addition to the packaging design of Chinese products, the packaging of export products, or the design of packaging characters for domestic and foreign sales, must involve the use of foreign characters. Among them, English involves a lot of production in packaging. This type of text is characterised by letters, with 26 letters in upper and lower case. Just like advertising design, packaging design can sometimes be without graphics, but it cannot be without text. Text is an essential element to convey packaging design. Many good packaging designs pay great attention to text design, and even use the text to handle the decoration screen. . In recent years, the carton pack wine market has developed rapidly.

Kai-style: Kai-style is also called a living body. It is a type of font that imitates the handwriting habit. The strokes are quite uniform and the shape is correct. Bold: Bold font, also known as square or isoline, is a thick, square font with dignified glyphs, horizontal and vertical strokes, and all strokes of the same thickness. Bold type is suitable for headlines or eye-catching words or comments that require attention. Because the font is too thick, it is not suitable for typographic text.

Imitated Song style: Imitated Song style is a relatively straight and upright typeface with a structure of Song style and regular strokes. The strokes are uniform in thickness, both horizontally and vertically. section.

Art: Art refers to some abnormal special printing fonts, which are generally used to beautify the layout. The strokes and structure of the art body are generally visualized, and are often used in the title part of the book cover or layout. Appropriate application can effectively enhance the artistic taste of printed matter. There are a wide variety of such fonts, such as fonts in Handing and Wending.

What is prepress cost? Including which pre-printing processes are called pre-press costs, and there are processing programs called post-print processing costs after printing. Typing. Design. Production. Scanning. Film. Sulfuric acid paper. Inkjet proofing. Laser proofing. Electricity. Electricity proofing. Receiving. Proofreading.