What do you need to know about a custom certificate?

Honor certificate production process and material selection
Anti-counterfeiting grade certificate production

What do you need to know about a custom certificate?

First, style selection

There are many kinds of certificate styles, such as common paper certificate, heat sealing envelope certificate, manual decoration certificate (such as honor certificate), car line craft certificate, etc.

Second, material selection

The certificate materials are leather, special paper (gelatinized paper, leather paper, white card), silk, suede, etc.

Third, the size selection

Dimensions can be customized according to the needs. Common size of paper certificate: 9*12.5cm 10*14cm 9.5*13.5cm 8.8*12.5cm 8*12cm Manual decoration common size: 6 open 8 open 16 open

Fourth, the number of core pages

The number of pages can be customized, and the number of pages in the inner core is a multiple of 4.

Five, printing color

Printing points: monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color or other

Six, the number of customization

Custom quantity, quantity is the most critical factor to determine the price, the more the quantity, the more favorable the price.