The necessity of TS16949 certification

The difference between quality system certification and product quality certification
Production of product anti-counterfeiting certificate

The necessity of TS16949 certification

With the wide application of ISO9000 series standards, the third-party quality system certification based on ISO9000 has been rapidly developed, making the implementation of standards and quality certification become an important means of market competition.

Pressure from customers, collaborators and peers:

1. Many companies will sign a joint contract when they negotiate with foreign companies. Because they have not passed ISO9000 certification, the contract is not signed. The market is changing rapidly. The old rules recognized by the market in the past are no longer applicable. Many old customers also require the company to pass the "ISO9000" certification;

2, the United States General Motors Manufacturing Company and Ford Motor Manufacturing Company require them to pass ISO9000 certification in hundreds of thousands of supporting factories around the world, otherwise they will not be their supporting manufacturers. Explain that even if it is a collaborative relationship, there is pressure;

3, since there is ISO9000, if the peers have obtained the certification, they do not have their own company will be at a disadvantage. This may be blind, but if the company wants to develop, it should indeed follow the trend of the market.

Passports to enter the international market----ISO9000 series standards are an important step for enterprises to enter the international arena. With the gradual acceleration of China's reform and opening up, the domestic economic form has changed outwards, and domestic enterprises have increasingly participated in international competition. At present, international organizations such as the European Community and many countries adopt the ISO9000 series as a unified standard. Many multinational group companies also use ISO9000 quality certification as a condition to constrain OEM suppliers. Under such conditions, if domestic companies want to enter the international market, ISO9000 quality certification is not the first ticket.

Eliminating many inspections----The strict, extensive and authoritative features of the ISO9000 standard can protect certified companies from many inspections and save a lot of cumbersome procedures. China's product certification management regulations have such a stipulation: "Approved products are exempt from other inspections except those that are subject to national laws and administrative regulations.

In line with government requirements - Beijing Municipal Government stipulates that enterprises that fail to pass ISO9000 certification cannot bid on the Beijing construction market. The Singapore government has similar regulations. It has not passed ISO (9000 certified companies are not allowed to bid in the Singapore market. When the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant was bidding, many of China's strong companies did not pass the bid, because they did not pass ISO9000 certification.

Improve the quality management of the company - if you only think that ISO9000 only pleases the role of customers, then it is too disappointing. In fact, the main purpose of the ISO9000 series of standards is to improve the management of the enterprise, making it more efficient and reducing waste.

Product Certification and Quality System Certification----Product Certification and Quality System Certification require inspection and evaluation of the quality system of the applicant company. In China, the requirements for enterprise quality system in product certification and quality system certification have been coordinated in administrative regulations and regulations. Their basis is GB/T19000-ISO9000 series standards.