Anti-counterfeiting qualification certificate customization

Anti-counterfeiting grade certificate production
The difference between quality system certification and product quality certification

Anti-counterfeiting qualification certificate customization

Thermal anti-counterfeiting ink (also known as thermochromic anti-counterfeiting ink) An ink that can change color under heating. According to the different temperature required for discoloration, it can be divided into hand-type color-changing anti-counterfeiting ink and high-temperature discoloration anti-counterfeiting ink. According to the difference of the color change mode, it can be divided into single color reversible, multi-color irreversible and multi-color irreversible thermal anti-counterfeiting ink. Reactive color-changing inks Various chemical substances added to the ink can undergo various chemical reactions under certain conditions, so that the ink changes color and achieves anti-counterfeiting purposes. A part of the heat-sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink, the pressure-sensitive color-changing ink and the moisture-sensitive color change are all color-changing inks. Magnetic ink is a special ink made by mixing magnetic iron oxide powder into ink. At present, it is mainly used for printing magnetic coded characters and symbols of bank tickets, and has the function of recording and storing information. The magnetic coded ticket is put into the magnetic code reader to identify the authenticity. In addition to changing the ink, if a change is made in the corresponding part, a certain password will appear. This kind of ink is mainly used for printing checks, bills of exchange and bills. If someone corrects or eliminates the original number on the denomination of the bill, the word "obsolete" will appear immediately.

Main purpose of code anti-counterfeit label:

The cost of producing and manufacturing anti-counterfeit labels is related to the anti-counterfeiting labels used in raw materials, specifications, totals, and anti-counterfeiting technology. Maybe you have not defined them before making them, but you can know the cost of the period if you use them multiple times. Look for standard anti-counterfeiting companies because people have standard price steps. Some anti-counterfeiting companies in small workshops will offer prices at will, if the company does not understand, the money of the pit enterprises, the price level can consult the anti-counterfeiting company, people have been engaged in the anti-counterfeiting manufacturing industry for more than ten years, have rich work experience and gather globally. customer.

Laser anti-counterfeit label, also known as holographic anti-counterfeit label, is an anti-counterfeit label made by laser color hologram plate making technology and mold copying technology. The plate-making technology can be realized: dot matrix dynamic light, disposable special laser film, 3D optical miniature background, colorful optics. Random interference, Chinese and English uranium texts.

Classification of laser anti-counterfeit labels:

1, laser scratch open label

2, laser lifted the word label

3, laser tag with serial number

Watermark security paper is a traditional and effective anti-counterfeiting technology. It is widely used in certificates, brochures, vouchers, contracts, brand-name products such as products, alcohol, cosmetics, auto parts, etc., and packaging materials for brand-name clothing. Hangtags, brand-name food packaging papers and other industries, not only effective anti-counterfeiting, but also effectively enhance the product image, improve product quality, expand product visibility, is a new bright spot for enterprises to enhance brand image