Anti-counterfeiting grade certificate production

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Anti-counterfeiting qualification certificate customization

Anti-counterfeiting grade certificate production

The company manufactures three series of anti-counterfeiting raw materials to ensure the security line of anti-counterfeiting paper series: metal wire self-adhesive series: color fiber series: according to customer's custom production of sunroof safety line paper, gold and silver line stickers, full buried security line paper, metal wire plus Watermark security paper, color fiber paper, fluorescent fiber paper, black and white watermark paper and other security papers are mainly used for various anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeiting certificates, anti-counterfeit labels, anti-counterfeit goods specifications, anti-counterfeiting bills, anti-counterfeiting tickets, electronic code anti-counterfeiting, collection certificates , anti-counterfeiting stickers, anti-counterfeiting documents, diplomas, land certificates, real estate licenses, anti-counterfeiting contracts, motor vehicle anti-counterfeiting certificates, etc. are widely used for counterfeiting.

It is basically the same as the yin and yang graphic revealing the anti-counterfeiting mark, but it can also form the following features: that is, the upper surface of the surface layer has printed graphics, and the surface layer and the sub-layer each have complementary yin and yang graphics. The glue applied to the yin and yang graphic parts has different bond strengths. Before the revelation, the yin and yang complement each other should be the whole, in a visually hidden state. It can only be separated from each other after the opening, and the upper and lower surfaces of the surface layer have the same or the same transmittance and corresponding images. 3. The rule reveals that the anti-counterfeiting logo is layered and removed. The surface characteristics of the yin and yang image parts of the bottom layer (full plating) are different. Before the opening, the full plating layer is in a visually hidden state, and only the hidden graphic is presented after the opening. 2, the full plating reveals the anti-counterfeiting mark

National self-adhesive labels, where the professional version of the label, laser anti-counterfeit label is a reference for the company to voluntarily make use to protect its brand from counterfeit products. Not all products have laser security labels, and products without laser security labels do not represent fakes. The anti-counterfeiting feature of laser anti-counterfeiting labels and the method of identification are the soul of laser anti-counterfeiting labels. Anti-counterfeiting is a precautionary measure taken for activities that are deceived for the purpose of copying or copying without the permission of the owner.